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Atheist Census

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  In 2005 Eurobarometer, a Eurostat survey conducted at European level, resulted in statistics that 52% of Europeans believed in a god, 27% in some kind of life force, or spirit and 18% declared themselves atheist . From my experience, I know, I'm very clear that these data are false. I've traveled far enough in Europe to know that even in the countries where most religious appear to be, there are less believers. Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Ireland, Italy and Greece are good examples. It's quite symptomatic that most of these countries have laws against blasphemy, and the case of Malta is a complete paradox... while their citizens whisper in front a cafe that they are atheists.

  The lack of a reliable statistic, from a real census of atheists, influences a great many things in the member countries of the European Union, from what kind of NGOs are granted subsidies, to what weight comes the pressure of religious organizations In legislative decisions -the right to abortion, equality between sexes, or the equalization of rights between citizens, as marriage, without any discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance-, and here we return again, for example, to laws against blasphemy, or to the absolutely pornographic amounts of money granted on the basis of agreements with the Holy See -11 billion € per year in the case of Spain-, in public health and education detriment.

  Religion takes advantage. For example, Catholics are baptized when born and then a baptismal record is created. All those baptized children grow up, most of them stop being religiously practicing and many realize that being an atheist is more rational. In countries like Spain eliminate this baptismal record is impossible, let alone in Greece, Malta, or Bulgaria; indeed, trying to apostatize in Malta can become a risky sport. Although it's much worse to have been born Muslim and say openly that you are no more. And I want to break here a spear by the associations of former Muslims who, without metaphors, risk their physical and, in many cases, life for expressing it publicly.

  So, if we wanted to do a an atheist census, first, it would have to be minimally reliable; second, it would have to be sufficiently discreet so that people who decide to participate can do so safely and globally; and third, that the resulting information be public and transparent at all times without violating the second point.

  In my view, the Atheist Alliance International has worked hard to ensure that these principles are respected, and I believe that they've succeeded. Personally, I think participate and that, at world level and at state level, know how many atheists exist is very important. I'm pretty sure we'll take a surprise.

  If you want to participate just click on this banner below. COUNT yourself and COUNT to what really matters...

Live long and prosper Ôo)-♫

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